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Bloom Health Care

Welcome to Bloom Health Care Centre. The new centre blooming to serve people who are in need of supportive reproductive services. We are here to deliver an effective and comprehensive care in assisted reproduction at affordable costs to our patients. Our vision is to emerge as one of the globally renowned authorities in fertility care by fulfilling our mission – to provide the finest reproductive endocrine care.

At Bloom Health Care Centre, a team of young, highly motivated and dedicated doctors are working together, to offer the ultimate in reproductive care.


Dr. Kavitha Gautham M.D. (OG)

Director & Head, Bloom Health Care Centre



Dr. Kavitha Gautham is a Fertility Specialist and a Consultant Gynaecologist. She has a Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine from Germany. As an astute medical professional keenly interested in Assisted reproductive technology (ART), she has played a pivotal role in establishing and steering Bloom Health Care Centre forward.




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